My Approach

I'm a common sense coach. Let's lay
out your goals, set your intentions
and outcomes. We'll develop metrics
to keep you on track. I can help you
navigate the curves inherent in the road,
and get to your destination.

I've worked in Fortune 100 corporations
and in seed stage startups, and everything in
between. I keep returning to the excitement,
the energy, and the brutal meritocracy of
startups. I am honored to counsel and advise
entrepreneurs, who create jobs.


I find David an invaluable asset on a Board, candid and cutting to the heart of the matter, whatever it is."

- Gen. Tony McPeak USAF (Ret) -- Board member TWA, Tektronix, Sensis, Del Global, and Point Blank Solutions

David provided invaluable coaching in selling my company, navigating the inevitable challenges that arise. I was able to achieve an outcome far beyond what I could have achieved on my own.

- Sean Murray - Founder, CEO

David got quite engaged in our business, always provided great insight and advice that was not only strategic, but that also led to something you could do!"

- Zander Nosler - Founder and CEO, Coffee Equipment Company (Clover) now SBUX

David entered our company as a venture capitalist. I found him to be extremely bright, an endless resource with excellent ideas and connections for our company."

- B. Eric Rhodes -- Publisher, Radio Ink magazine

David provides clear, relevant and objective guidance on the opportunities and challenges. His style is direct and efficient, but also fun. He has been instrumental in helping me clarify, define and achieve my goals.

- Sean Cunningham - Managing Director Onyva